Remy Lyon


My Love of music started with Elvis - the King of Rock and Roll. When I was 5, my mother saw that I was fixated watching Blue Hawaii, so she bought me the soundtrack… from then on, I became a fan of the Master.

I developed a broad taste in music as my upbringing took me all over North America and France, as well as Asia for in-depth study in martial arts.

At 16, I became a 35th generation Lay disciple at the Shaolin Temple in China, followed by studying Kenjitsu in Nagoya, Japan. My teachers taught me that a martial artist is a healer first and foremost, secondly an appreciator of the arts - especially music - and finally comes the martial aspect.

Learning different languages made me enthralled with the spoken word, and with music as a universal language. The very word ‘Universe’ can be defined as a “turning to the One.” In fact, “Universe” means Uni = ‘ONE’ and verse = ‘a turning.’ Verse also refers to poetry and music. So in turn this is one song, one sound, or even one word.

This one Sound has fascinated me since childhood. The spoken word has the power to inspire, empower and uplift. The beat that unites us all as one…

One Voice…

“Eyes of Youth” is an album of original recordings that describe my journey of returning to the One. Thank you for joining me on this journey…

In Peace,


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